Living Legacy Trust

Board, Committees & Staff

An independent Board of volunteers governed the Living Legacy Trust. Each of the following organizations was eligible to nominate one member:

  • the Ontario Forest Industries Association
  • the Ontario Lumber Manufacturers' Association
  • the Federation of Ontario Naturalists
  • the World Wildlife Fund
  • the Association of Municipalities of Ontario
  • Lakehead University
  • the Ministry of Natural Resources
The Minister of Natural Resources was entitled to appoint up to four additional members. Board members served a two-year term which could be renewed or extended by mutual agreement between the Board and the nominating organization.

Board Members
Michael Power Chair Nominated by:
Association of Municipalities of Ontario
Russ Hughes Vice-Chair Member at Large
John McCutcheon Secretary/Treasurer Nominated by:
World Wildlife Fund Canada
Charles Alexander Member at Large
Deputy Minister
John Burke/Gail Beggs
Nominated by:
Ministry of Natural Resources
Lorne Crawford Nominated by:
Ontario Forest Industries Association
Dr. Frederick Gilbert Nominated by:
Lakehead University
Kelly Mitchell Member at Large
Maureen Prendiville Nominated by:
Ontario Lumber Manufacturers' Association
Marvi Ricker Member at Large
L. R. L. (Ric) Symmes Nominated by:
Federation of Ontario Naturalists

Executive Committee
Michael Power Chair
Russ Hughes Vice-Chair
John McCutcheon Secretary/Treasurer
Karan Aquino Executive Director

Value-Added Committee
Steve Banducci Ministry of Natural Resources
Beth Litchfield Ministry of Northern Development and Mines
Dave Milton Ontario Lumber Manufacturers’ Association
Maureen Prendiville
Dr. Reino Pulkki Lakehead University
Bob Seguin

Science Advisory Committee
Karan Aquino
Lorne Crawford
Dr. Frederick Gilbert
Cheryl Lewis Ministry of Natural Resources
Brian Stocks Natural Resources Canada
Rod Smith Natural Resources Canada

Karan Aquino Executive Director
Cheryl Kanwar Administration and Grants Information Coordinator
Pam Gilliland Grants Program Analyst
Susan Cumming Financial Adviser