Approved Grants - Forest Employment Opportunities


Bowater Forest Products Division - $26,600

Juvenile Spacing and Training - Gull Bay First Nation

  • To provide training to Gull Bay band members, increasing the availability of qualified forestry workers for future projects and improving the wood supply in the Gull Bay areas

Bowater Forest Products Division - $27,700

Mishkeegogamang First Nation Juvenile Spacing and Training Project

  • To train people from Mishkeegogamang in juvenile spacing and thereby improving the wood supply in the Caribou Forest

Brinkman and Associates Reforestation Ltd. - $133,333

Forest Employment

  • To provide youth and First Nation people with a variety of training and work experiences within the forestry/silviculture industry

Domtar, Pineland-Martel Forest - $103,334

Project to Carry Out Stand Tending Work

  • To conduct stand tending work consisting of pre-commercial thinning of young jack pine stands, manual tending of white pine, and ground herbicide application of white spruce conifer enhancement areas
  • To conduct stand measurement work, consisting of stand density assessment and regeneration assessment

Domtar, White River Division - $13,328

Pre-Commercial Thinning Program

  • To further develop, initiate, and manage a pre-commercial thinning (PCT) program
  • To provide opportunities to young people interested in forestry
  • To develop a quantitative measuring/assessment technique to help reduce the use of herbicides

Haveman Brothers Forestry Service - $128,400

Intensive Cone Collection Program

  • To develop the work force, equipment and procedures required to optimize the collection of cones

Haveman Brothers Forestry Services - $157,000

Ontarioís Silviculture Foresters of Tomorrow Co-op Program

  • To employ local residents and raise the skill level of forestry workers through intensive training and hands-on field experience

Haveman Brothers Forestry Services - $100,000

Youth Employment Opportunities on the English River Forest

  • To hire and train candidates to do pre-commercial thinning on the English River Forest
  • To reduce the density of overstocked stands and to produce uniformly spaced stands for higher value hardwood and softwood

Lac Seul First Nation Forestry Company - $41,580

Lac Seul Thinning Project

  • To provide Lac Seul members with forest thinning training and experience in the Wabigoon Forest and to help prepare Lac Seulís forestry company for future projects

Millson Forestry Service - $80,000

Romeo Malette Forest Project

  • To provide new, full time employment to youth
  • To encourage cost effective renewal and maintenance techniques to enhance forest productivity for better site productivity and improved wood products
  • Focusing on high concentrations of jack pines, project to take place in northeast Ontario

Nipissing Forest Resource Management Inc. - $100,000

Yellow Birch Restoration on the Nipissing Forest

  • To pre-commercially thin and clean stands and patches of yellow birch pole wood that have resulted from sugar maple stands that were high-graded and or strip cut, approx. 30-40 years ago
  • Project to be implemented by Aboriginal contractors and provide employment for youth in five communities

Northlands Forestry Consultants and Contractors - $200,000

Employment Opportunities in the Caribou and English Forests

  • To complete 800 hectares of stand improvement
  • To offer training and employment opportunities

Outland Reforestation Ltd. - $100,000

Intensive Plantations while Training First Nations Youth

  • To provide employment and support for First Nations youth, promote First Nations involvement in forest management planning, and to encourage career opportunities in the forest industry in Northwestern Ontario

Outland Reforestation Ltd. - $60,000

2003 LLT Proposal for Northern Ontario Thinning Training

  • To promote candidates from within the current LLT funded thinning operations project (05-010).
  • To provide ongoing training and supervision on stand tending projects
  • To enable other forestry partners to initiate thinning projects, creating further employment in northern communities

Pacific Regeneration Technologies Inc. - $150,000

Pre-Commercial Thinning Training and Support

  • To create employment for the Red Lake area offering candidates hands-on training

Pacific Regeneration Technologies Inc. - $88,000

Tree Improvement Staffing Support

  • To provide tree improvement for six Weyerhaeuser projects in the Dryden area
  • To assist tree improvement programs in achieving the goal of genetically improved seed for use in tree planting operations across the Northwest Region
  • Activities to range from roguing and cone collections from newly producing first generation orchards to scion collection, test preparation, test planting, and breeding in second generation orchards

Rugby Lake Cedar Works - $20,000

Thinning, Tree Release

  • To increase the growth rate of existing trees and thin out poor growing trees resulting in a healthier and faster growing forest

ShiningTree Forest Inc. - $10,836

Forest Employment Opportunities in the ShiningTree Forest

  • To increase timber production in the white and red pine forest units where critical long-term shortages are forecast
  • To develop silvicultural prescriptions to ensure survival and growth for these plantations

The Wilderness Group in partnership with eleven First Nation organizations - $760,000

Northern Forest Improvement and Employment Initiative

  • To conduct forest improvement using pre-commercial thinning, ground spraying and orchard tending
  • To provide forest employment opportunities and training to First Nations and northern youth

Thunderhouse Forest Services - $60,000

Commercial Thinning Project

  • To increase volume and piece size of wood recoverable from the land base
  • To provide training opportunities to new forestry workers
  • To generate skilled silvicultural workers

Vermilion Forest Management Company - $120,000

Sudbury Forest Red Pine Pre-Commercial Thinning

  • To treat 300 ha and create seasonal employment

Weyerhaeuser - $8,330

Aboriginal Summer Student Program 2003

  • To provide on-the-job training experience to First Nations youth to develop the skills necessary to pursue further educational and employment opportunities with the forest industry and on Reserve Forestry Initiatives

Woodlot Forestry - $160,000

Employment Opportunities

  • To conduct juvenile spacing on 1,220 hectares on Bowater's approved 2003 - 2004 AWS on the English River SFL
  • To train new workers and expand work force in northern Ontario


Bowater Forest Products Division - $43,800

First Nation Ranger Program

  • To train First Nations youth in silvicultural work

Bowater, Thunder Bay Woodlands Operations - $36,667

Tree Improvement Job Creation

  • To develop a tree improvement planning framework for seed production and management
  • To help meet Bowater's goal of full use of genetically improved seed for reforestation, and to implement their work plan through tender of contracts and supervision of all field work

Clearwater Reforestation - $80,000

Forest Employment Opportunities in the Armstrong Forest

  • To hire and provide extensive training to local workers focusing on youth employment that targets First Nations

Geraldton Community Forest - $220,000

Silvicultural Employment Opportunities on the Kenogami Forest

  • To increase the marketability of candidates through training and in-the-field work experience, including data collection and seed orchard work
  • To increase Crown wood

Haveman Brothers Forestry Services - $80,000

Ontario's Silviculture Foresters of Tomorrow (OSFT) - Phase 2

  • To continue in the development of a program designed to elevate the field competency of academically schooled forestry technicians, by expanding the program to include other industry partners (The Trust was instrumental in initiation of Phase 1 OSFT program funded in May 2001)

Haveman Brothers Forestry Services - $26,000

Ontario's Silviculture Foresters of Tomorrow - Phase 2 - Addendum

  • To extend the initial project, increasing the area to be treated by 250 hectares
  • Addendum a result of increased industry partner commitments

Moose Creek Reforestation - $381,514

Forest Employment Opportunities on the Whiskey Jack Forest and Dryden Forest

  • To increase volume and quality in select stands and address backlog due to fire and blow down through manual tending, pre-commercial thinning of jack pine and/or natural poplar stands, and releasing stands from competition
  • To provide training to young workers in safety, thinning with regard to stem selection, spacing, quality, diseased tree identification, and efficient cutting methods

Ontario Metis Aboriginal Association - $190,000

Forest Employment Opportunities in Ontario

  • To undertake pre-commercial thinning on the Whiskey Jack Forest
  • To provide training to Aboriginal youth

Sneaky Wood Products - $71,670

Aboriginal and Youth Employment Opportunities on the Whiskey Jack Forest

  • To complete 150 hectares of thinning annually, in order to increase volume and quality in select stands
  • To assist Abitibi with backlog and meeting the goals of the Whiskey Jack Forest Management Plan
  • To provide training to Aboriginal and local unemployed workers

Superior-Woods Tree Improvement Association - $181,768

Development of First-Generation Tree Improvement Programs in Northwestern Ontario

  • To establish five first generation tree improvement programs providing more than thirteen person years of employment

Superior-Woods Tree Improvement Association - $40,000

Staffing Support

  • To support the tree improvement efforts of a large partnership of Sustainable Forest License holders in the Northwest
  • To directly aid in completing specialized tree field operations in Ministry of Natural Resources - approved tree improvement programs
  • To provide a recent forestry graduate with valuable training and employment opportunities

Timber Ridge Land and Forestry Services - $120,000

Forest Employment Opportunities in the Crossroute Forest

  • To recruit, hire and train silviculture workers, to complete pre-commercial thinning contracts
  • To increase quality and quantity of Crown wood

Westwind Forest Stewardship - $40,000

Forest Employment in the French/Severn Forest

  • To identify, assess, and confirm the wood supply impacts of OLL and potential mitigation using improved information regarding the quality and quantity of timber on the French/Severn Forest

Weyerhaeuser - $26,083

2002 First Nations Summer Student Program

  • To provide an eight-week, on-the-job training, forestry work experience to eight Aboriginal youth (plus a supervisor and crew leader)


Abitibi-Consolidated Inc. - $40,000

Youth Employment Opportunities on the Highrock and Fort Frances-Flanders Forests

  • To undertake regeneration assessment activities on previously renewed plantations and areas of natural regeneration

Abitibi-Consolidated Inc. - $28,333

Youth Employment Opportunities on the Whiskey Jack Forest

  • To complete the transfer of Whiskey Jack Forest depletion and silvicultural data

Bancroft Minden Forest Company - $60,000

Forest Employment Opportunities in Bancroft Minden Forest

  • To identify, assess, and confirm the wood supply impacts of Ontario's Living Legacy and potential mitigation using improved information regarding the quality and quantity of timber on the Bancroft Minden Forest

Clearwater Reforestation - $40,000

Clearwater Work in the Armstrong Forest

  • To hire and train four local workers in a variety of silvicultural areas with a focus on youth employment and targeting First Nations

Haveman Brothers Forestry Services - $200,000

Ontario's Silviculture Foresters of Tomorrow

  • To introduce recent forestry graduates to the silviculture industry workforce through a variety of workshop training sessions and hands-on field experience

Mazinaw-Lanark Forest - $19,800

Employment Opportunities in the Mazinaw-Lanark Forest

  • To improve the reliability of forest resources information for the Mazinaw-Lanark Forest by validating and verifying historical and new inventory information

Nipissing Forest Resource Management - $465,000

Loring Deer Yard Tolerant Hardwood Stand Improvement

  • To complete stand improvement work allocated for harvest in the 1999-2004 FMP, treating 1,370 hectares/year
  • To improve the overall health and quality of each stand, by felling diseased, defective and unacceptable growing stock
  • To maximize browse benefits of white-tailed deer, work to be conducted in the fall

Ontario Professional Forest Workers Training Registry - $20,000

Conservation Starts at the Tree

  • To identify and record the range of training required for a practising logger in Ontario

Outland Reforestation Ltd. - $600,000

Employment Opportunities with Outland Reforestation

  • To provide thinning (juvenile spacing) in several Crown Management Units near Dryden
  • To train a crew of individuals, with a focus on hiring First Nation youth, so that they can earn a fair wage thinning at a per hectare rate

Tembec - $20,000

Forest Employment Opportunities in Smooth Rock Falls Forest

  • To create employment and provide training to New Post First Nation community members
  • To reduce the unsurveyed area within the Smooth Rock Falls Forest
  • To estimate the increase in annual available harvest volume