Approved Grants - Far North Forestry Development


Whitefeather Forest Management Corporation - $115,110

Community-based Land Use Planning and Associated Supporting Activities

  • To continue specific planning and consultation activities as a key requirement for commercial forestry tenure and protected areas opportunities


Moose Band Development Corporation - $220,500

Moose Cree Forestry Project Lands and Resources Secretariat Activities

  • To complete synthesis and analysis of scientific data, conduct review and gap analysis, visit sample sites and complete air photo interpretation and digital automation for all land resource inventory components
  • Going forward, the Land & Resource Secretariat is to continue consultation with government agencies and stakeholders regarding environment assessment and land use planning, and to continue capacity building in the community

Whitefeather Forest Management Corporation - $141,336

Whitefeather Forest Initiative Biophysical Data Collection-Adjacent Areas

  • To acquire aerial photography and develop Forest Resource Inventory coverage of the areas adjacent to the Whitefeather Forest

Whitefeather Forest Management Corporation - $670,788

Whitefeather Forest Initiative-2003/04 Biophysical Data Collection

  • To collect biophysical data within the Whitefeather Planning Area, to contribute to completion of protected areas planning and environmental assessment processes required to facilitate the Whitefeather Forest Initiative SFL


Whitefeather Forest Management Corporation - $559,819

Biophysical Data Collection

  • To provide ecologically based information for the Forest Management Plan of the Whitefeather Forest Planning Area

Whitefeather Forest Management Corporation - $364,530

Community-Based Land Use Planning

  • To facilitate community-based land use planning including indigenous knowledge collection and communications as part of the larger goal of the Whitefeather Forest Initiative

Windigo First Nations Council - $283,000

Cat Lake and Slate Falls First Nations Community-Based Land-use Planning Initiative

  • To direct all land-use decisions within traditional territories to ensure natural resource conservation and generate employment opportunities through resource-based activities, while protecting traditional values and livelihoods


Constance Lake First Nation - $142,000

Constance Lake First Nation Consultation with Respect to Meaningful Participation

  • To undertake a consultation process with respect to desired land uses, potential forestry activities, and anticipated First Nation involvement in an area approximating 500,000 ha situated north of the Hearst and Gordon Cousens Forests

Moose Band Development Corporation - $466,774

Moose Cree First Nation Forestry Project – Year 2001

  • To collect data for use in land use planning required for Moose Cree development of commercial forest interests on a portion of traditional territory “north of 51”
  • Project to include wildlife population baseline study, behavioural and habitat characterization studies; permanent sample plot network establishment; and ecological surveys of wildlife areas

Whitefeather Forest Management Corporation in partnership with Pikangikum First Nation - $501,843

Biophysical Data Collection

  • To carry out biophysical data collection as a necessary step towards the Pikangikum First Nation community-based goals of developing livelihood opportunities, and fostering community-based resource stewardship


The Moose Band Development Corporation in partnership with the Moose Cree First Nation - $150,000

Community-based Consultation

  • To conduct community-based consultation to support broader economic opportunities for First Nation communities in the Far North

Whitefeather Forest Management Corporation in Partnership with Pikangikum First Nation - $240,918

Community Land Use Planning, Indigenous Knowledge Collection, Local GIS Infrastructure, and Digital Capture

  • To implement a process for community-based land use planning

Whitefeather Forest Management Corporation in partnership with Pikangikum First Nation - $160,000

Community-based Consultation

  • To carry out community-based consultation relating to land use decisions