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Applicant's Guides

Applicantís Guide for the Living Legacy Research Program (Last Revised: December 7, 2004)

Research Prioities

The Program will provide funds to eligible applicants for data collection and research (including operational trials) in support of projects designed to promote Sustainable Forest Management in Ontario. Projects and activities addressing the Living Legacy Trustís purposes will be eligible to apply to the Program for support. In addition to new initiatives, Program will also continue to build upon the body of work already initiated by the Trust, including the transfer of research results and recommendations.

Due to the limited amount of funds available, approximately $900,000, research projects were restricted to four theme areas:

  1. Improved information for sustainable resource management;
  2. Forest productivity, succession and growth and yield;
  3. Wood quality and value-added; and,
  4. Sustainable Forest Management in areas north of the undertaking.

The maximum financial request for a proposal was $100,000.

Applicant Eligibility

Applications were accepted from Ontario-based forestry companies, private businesses, universities and colleges, non-government organizations, municipal and federal government agencies and other related organizations.

The Program encouraged proposals that demonstrated cooperation and partnership, as matching funds were required.

Geographic Boundaries

Eligibility for funding by the Program was limited to Ontarioís Crown land area north of the southern boundary of the Precambrian Shield.

Assessment Criteria

Proposals were assessed on the basis of the following Assessment Criteria.


  1. Program theme area and other Resource
  2. Fit with the Programís Science Priorities
  3. Incrementality over Government & Industry
  4. Advance on Prior Science /Literature Review
  1. Project Design & Methodologies
  2. Project Plan
  3. Project Team
  1. Technology & Knowledge Transfer
  2. Leverage & Partnerships
  3. Building Natural Resources Community Capacity
  4. Ecological, Economic & Social Impacts

Funding Duration

The Program will distribute $705,000 in the first year through one competition. The money will be allocated to research projects to be spent over a period of time not to exceed three years.