Living Legacy Research Program | Living Legacy Trust

Living Legacy Trust

The Living Legacy Trust was an “arms-length”, $30 million trust fund that was announced by the Premier of Ontario on March 29, 1999 along with other components of Ontario’s Living Legacy’s Land Use Planning Strategy. The Trust provided opportunities to strengthen Ontario’s capacity to improve the management of natural resources through the formation of strong partnerships among resource-based industries, other resource users, environmentalists, communities, and the provincial government. The Trust had a five-year “sunset date”, with funding available in nine Funding Programs until March 31, 2004.

Living Legacy Research Program

Upon its expiration, the remaining residual funds were awarded to Lakehead University to fund the Living Legacy Research Project, Living Legacy Graduate Scholarship and Living Legacy Trust Document Repository. Over $1 million in funds were available through these three programs, with $705,000 available through the Research Program.

The Living Legacy Research Program is now continuing the Living Legacy Trust’s mandate to expand Ontario’s capacity to improve the management of natural resources and foster the formation of strong, innovative research partnerships.